About Us

Badger & Co. is a combination of friends and family coming together to work on a shared passion for business and giving back.
While travelling through India, Brent and Alia were inspired by the work done by the local not for profit organization Reality Gives and knew right away that they wanted to start making their own impact. Not wanting to waste any time, Brent jumped on the phone to call his favorite cousin, Ryan, and started to outline his grand vision for a new venture. Ryan had started his own online company a few years earlier and was always looking for new ideas, so it didn’t take much convincing on his end. Plus, Brent can be very persuasive when he’s passionate about something! From the start the vision was laid out to build a company with a mandate to give back and that would start by giving away a minimum of 10% of profits.
Before they were even home, Brent and Alia had already made contacts and sampled leathers to get an idea of what it would take to get this thing off the ground. Not long after, Mohammed was our man on the ground in India, setting up a small shop for our craftsmen and sourcing our material. Along the way, another call was made to our good friend Mateo to help round out the team and pull everything together. Of course, we also couldn’t do it without the help of our savvy fashion consultants that design us have products people want to buy!
Fast forward almost two years and Badger& Co. is very much a work of passion for all of us here and we’re eagerly working away so we can continue doing what we’ve always wanted to and Keep the giving going!
Badger & Co Team Headshots