We've designed most of our products to include a pocket with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking material to help protect against unwanted scans of your RFID capable items; such as credit cards, debit cards, and cellphones. Even some passports contain RFID chips.
RFID is what allows you to transmit information when you tap your cards or key fobs. Convenient, yes, but the downside is that there are now technologies that can allow less desirable people to scan those items and steal the information they carry. It’s also possible to duplicate the signal, allowing for copies of your cards to be used by someone else.

RFID material works by simply blocking the radio waves that would otherwise be readable to anyone with a scanner and close enough to your items. While the likelihood of this happening to you is low, the risk is still there. We could have easily made our products without it but we believe this added benefit was an easy way to add a little peace of mind.

While we've tested the material thoroughly and are completely happy with its effectiveness at keeping everything safe, our lawyer still insists we that we state that we disclaim liability arising from unauthorized persons scanning any RFID chip contained in the products. (Turns out all the big bag makers say this too, but they seem to bury this disclaimer on their site. We’re not trying to hide anything, putting it all out there for you to see)